Running is Cheap Sport!

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As seen on title, Running is Cheap Sport. Who agree? I would raised half, that would be 50:50 for me. Yes, I’m a running enthusiast (not yet a freak), I run since I was in high school.

I know running is very cheap sport, you don’t need equipment, your shoes and your motivation are more than enough.

Recently, I was joining a famous running community in Indonesia, “IndoRunners”. Where I found many insights about running.

Running is NOT a Cheap Sport. I’m talking about running outfit. Have you ever put an eye of a runner’s outfit? A good running outfit designed to cater comfortable of your running activities. Material also appeal as most important thing of an outfit. 

Running make you sweat, thus wearing a thick cloth is not a good option. DriFit material would be perfect, it’s Fabric that helps keep you comfortable and dry by moving perspiration from your skin to the outside for rapid evaporation (

Nike is the first who introduce Dri-Fit. Follow with other brands later on.

“Before NIKE, people WALK”. I ever saw that sentence on Nike’s cap, Not to debated, that’s true. Nike has invented many things in running activities.

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Ok, let’s back to topic. Dri Fit material is good yet expensive. A Nike dri-fit t-shirt cost around IDR 399,000. Then a Nike dri-fit short cost around IDR 300,000.

Now, let’s talk about shoes, yes shoes is most important thing in running. A shoes that not fit with your foot and your running type would pay you an injury. A pair of Nike running shoes cost around IDR 1,300,000.

Ok, let’s count, a t shirt IDR 399,000 + a short IDR 300,000 + a pair of shoes IDR 1,300,000. So, basic outfit you need is IDR 1,999,999. Many accessories that support your running, such as waist pack, bottle, jacket, armband, calf sleeves, etc will cost you more and more.

But of course you don’t have to buy all the things I mentioned, healthy is more important than style.

Still think that Running is Cheap Sport?

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